Person Sheet

NameKatherine (originally Katarzyna) Delenta
BirthNov. 3, 1890, Galicia, Austria (now Poland)
DeathJune 21, 1973, Elmwood Park, NJ
BurialSt. Mary’s Cemetery, Saddle Brook, NJ
Short bioKatarzyna was born in 1890 and grew up in the town of Kamień and in the Przemysl Roman Catholic diocese in the administrative district of Nisko in the province of Rzeszow in southeastern Poland (then called Galicia, part of the Austrian empire). It was less than 10 miles away from where Wojciech Lasica grew up in the Nart Nowy/Gwoździec area, though they didn’t meet in Poland.

A photo of Katarzyna Delenta’s birth certificate, reissued in 1952, is below. It says:


Katherine Delenta

Province RZESZOW
District NISKO
The Civil Law Office KAMIEN
No. 113/1890


of parents DALENTA(s) was born in KAMIEN
the third of November (3.11)
the year of one thousand EIGHT HUNDRED NINETY, 3.11.1890

The family name was also spelled Dalenta (the name on her immigration ship’s manifest list) and Dalanta, but Katherine came to adopt her older brother Joseph’s spelling of Delenta, as did her brother Luke.


The Koln

Katarzyna, who came to take the name Katherine in the U.S., left Poland at age 18 with a friend aboard the Koln on Feb. 4, 1909, sailing from Bremen, Germany, and arriving at Ellis Island on Feb. 19, 1909 — only nine days after her brother, Joseph, made the same journey. She was probably 18 (according to her birth certificate), though the ship’s passenger manifest listed her age as 17. The ship Koln, incidentally, steamed the Atlantic from 1899 to 1914, held 1,970 passengers (120 second class, 1,850 third class) and measured 54 feet wide by 429 feet long.

We obtained her passenger ship records from the National Archives. (The Ellis Island website added her name in June 2001, but misspelled her home town as Kannen — it was Kamien). See the passenger records:

Katherine met Wojciech George Lasica in New Jersey and married him in 1913 when she was 22; it was a short courtship since George didn’t arrive until 15 months earlier. We think she was naturalized in Hackensack, NJ, 22 years after marrying on Sept. 19, 1935. After they were married, George and Katherine Lasica lived with George Jadenski (originally Jandzienszki) and Sophie (Lasica) Jadenski (George Lasica’s sister) for a few years at 39 Fourth St. in Passaic, NJ. Robert Bielen Jr. writes in 2018:

“I was surprised to learn that your grandmother lived with my grandmother Caroline at 39 Fourth Street in Passaic. That four-room flat saw many people come and go, including my mother and my three aunts. It was last occupied by my aunt Matilda and her husband Andy Wyka in the early 1990s. (Mattie survived Andy but died in a nursing care facility.)”

Later Katherine and George bought the wonderful house at 8 Herman St. in East Paterson (later Elmwood Park), a block from Garfield, NJ. She traveled on occasion to Toronto to see her nephew, Adam Lasica (who moved from Poland to Canada) and his family.

We called her “Babci” (“Babcia” is Polish for Grandmother). She was a kind woman and loved her grandkids. (Joseph Lasica: She died when I was 17, and it was one of the few times I saw my father cry.) We don’t have any early photos of Babcia.

BirthOct. 9, 1892
MarriageMay 12, 1913, St. Joseph’s Church, Passaic, NJ
DeathMay 5, 1961
MotherMaria Dul
Short bioGeorge immigrated to New York at age 19, arriving on Feb. 13, 1912, aboard the Zeeland (port of origin: Antwerp, Belgium). Became a naturalized citizen at age 42 in Hackensack, NJ, on Sept. 19, 1935. Worked most of his life as a baker. Nickname “Pop,” though we called him Dziadziu (Ja-ju). Name is pronounced Wa-SHEE-tsa, since there’s no letter L in Polish.
ChildrenSophie “Tory” (1926-)
 Emil George (1920-1999)
 John (1919-2010)
 Jean (1918-)
 Violet “Vi” (1916-2007)