Person Sheet

NameAdam Lasica
BirthJan. 17, 1932, Spie, Wilcza Wola, Rzeszow, Poland
DeathMarch 13, 2007, Toronto
FatherJozef Lasica (1888-1964)
MotherJadwiga Sarafin (1897-1971)
Short bioIn July 1964 at age 32, Adam immigrated with his niece, Stella, from Poland to Toronto, where his sister Maria Lasica Bordon had immigrated some 16 years before. Two years later his wife, Janina, joined him there with their children Mike, Maria and Chris. A fourth child, Joe, came along in 1967. Adam worked in a foundry in Toronto as a laborer and then as a custodian at Humber College in Toronto. He was retired and spoke better Polish than English. Adam bore a strong resemblance to both John Lasica and Emil Lasica, Joseph Lasica’s late uncle and late father. In 1999 he traveled to Poland for the first time since he left in 1966. He died in 2007 and his family misses him. Adam was Joseph Lasica‘s first cousin once removed (so his children are Joseph’s second cousins).
Birth1 Jan 1934, Wilcza Wola, Rzeszow, Poland
ChildrenJozef (“Joe”) (1967-)
 Krystyna (“Chris”) (1961-)
 Maria (Mary) (1957-)
 Marion (Mike) (1955-)