Person Sheet

NameAndrzej (Andreas) Dalenta
Birth1866, Kamien, Galicia (now Poland)
Short bioAndrzej (Andrew) had at least one sibling (Jan/John Dalenta) whose granddaughter immigrated to the U.S.; her family now lives in the Phoenix area. It’s believed that the family in Poland went by Dale~ta (Dalenta) and that Luke and Katherine changed it to Delenta after they immigrated to the U.S. records show that he had four other siblings as well.
ChildrenLucas “Luke” (1893-1978)
 Katarzyna “Katherine” (1890-1973)
ChildrenTeofila Dalenta (1901-1961)
 Josefa (Josephine) Dalenta (1899-)
 Antonina Dalenta (1897-1900)
 Marcin Martinus Delenta (1902-)
 Jacobus Dalenta (1906-)
 Franciszka Dalenta (1907-)
 Jan Joannes 2 Dalenta (1909-)