Welcome to our family tree!

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Welcome to our family tree!

Welcome to our family tree! This website traces the ancestry of the Lasica, Sporn, Delenta and Schepper families, going back to the early 1800s in Poland and Austria and to the 1780s in Germany. We’ve included vintage photos as well as records from the National Archives and from parishes in the old country.

Since we first put up this family tree in 1998, we’ve met many wonderful relatives who are new to us in Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria, Australia, Hawaii and elsewhere!

And I traveled to my ancestral homeland in Poland in June 2013 with a local genealogist to conduct more research.

Tip: Click on the little tree icon () you'll spot throughout the site to be taken to an interactive family tree showing ancestors for each relative.

This site contains about 600 relatives, alive and deceased. It’s a living document, so please send any updates or missing information that you’d like to see added.

We respect privacy, so let us know if you’d prefer to see any of the information about your immediate family removed from this site.

And drop me a line any time to say hi!

JD Lasica, summer 2020

Some of our social family members

Chris Zimmermann

Happily retired educator, now lives in North Carolina.

Jeremy Freer

Faculty at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.

Michelle Maciag

Works at Boston Children's Hospital. Mom. Married to Joe Foley.

Rick Lasica

Now a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in southern Arizona.

Where some of us live