Person Sheet

NameJosef Schepper
Birth1870, Austria
DeathDate unknown, probably Punitz, Austria
Short bioThree of their children (including Joseph Lasica‘s grandmother, Mary Schepper) immigrated to America, while three others remained in Austria (and eventually changed their name to Seper).

Josef Schepper may have been born in Deutsch Tschantschendorf (district of G├╝ssing), Burgenland (now Austria), according to granddaughter Mary Schepper Klucsarics. Josef’s wife, Maria, came from Punitz, Mary says. They lived in Punitz.

Maria Szakasits’s younger sister, Kristina, accompanied Maria and Josef’s daughter Mary Schepper (Joseph Lasica‘s grandmother) to America around 1912.

We don’t know much about Josef Schepper (Joseph Lasica’s maternal great grandfather, or mother’s mother’s father) or his wife Maria Szakasits (Joseph Lasica’s maternal great grandmother). We hope to find more information by writing to Austria.

ChildrenAlois (Louis) (1917-1944)
 Rudolf (1915 – 1982)
 Joseph (1901 – 1986)
 Mary (1899 – 1961)
 Frank (1905 – 1961)