Person Sheet

NameMaria Szakasits
Birth1865, probably Punitz, Austria
DeathDate unknown, probably Punitz, Austria
MotherMaria —
Short bioMaria and Josef lived in Punitz, Austria. Maria Szakasits’s younger sister, Kristina, accompanied Maria and Josef’s daughter Mary Schepper (Joseph Lasica‘s grandmother) to America around 1912. We don’t know much about Maria Szakasits (Joseph Lasica’s maternal great grandmother) or her husband Josef. We hope to find more information by writing to Austria.

Note 1: On son Frank Schepper’s death certificate, his mother’s name was spelled Maria Sokositz.

Note 2: On, her last name is listed as Szakits. A relative, Mary Schepper, said she believed Maria Schepper’s father’s name was Emerich Szakasits. ( suggests Maria’s father’s name was Ferencz Szakáts and her mother’s name was Mari Teglas. We’re trying to track this down.)

MarriageJosef Schepper and Maria Szakasits married in 1898 in Austria.
ChildrenAlois (Louis) (1917-1944)
 Rudolf (1915-1982)
 Joseph (1901-1986)
 Mary (1899-1961)
 Frank (1905-1961)