Person Sheet

NameEmerich (?) Szakasits
Birthc. 1850s, probably Punitz, Burgenland (now Austria)
DeathDate and place unknown, Burgenland
Short bioJoseph Lasica‘s research: Emerich may have been the first name of Maria Szakasits‘s father, according to his granddaughter, Margaret Marakovits Hanzl. Emerich (let’s call him that) and Maria (maiden name unknown) were my grandmother Mary Schepper‘s grandparents on her mother’s side (and thus were my great-great-grandparents).

Emerich and Maria had four daughters: Theresia, Maria, Josefa and Kristina. Maria Szakasits was my grandmother’s mother. Kristina Szakasits, my grandmother’s aunt, played a key role in the family history: She voyaged to America with my grandmother when Mary Schepper was only 13.

Marge Hanzl Ruppert wrote to us around 2001 with these additional details: “Emerich and Maria Szakasits lived next door to Joseph Schepper’s house in Punitz. When Maria Szakasits (your great grandmother) married Joseph Schepper, they moved in with Maria’s folks. Your grandmother Mary Schepper Sporn was born in that house and so on. Mary Klucsarics was born there, too. Her sister [Theresia] still lives there. Two houses, plus a third house up the hill, had house names of ‘Pinter.’ The house names differentiated one Marakovits family, for instance, from another Marakovits family who was or was not a relative.”

We would like more information about this side of the family history, if anyone has any information to share. (For example, cousin Kenneth Sporn has an family tree that claims Maria Szakasits’ parents were Ferencz [not Emerich] Szakats [note the different spelling so this could be wrong] and Mari Teglas. Please e-mail Joseph Lasica with any insights.