Person Sheet

NameJohn Dul
BirthProbably between 1900 and 1906, Poland
Death1975, Gwozdziec, Poland
Short bioAccording to Rose Dul, John’s sister-in-law, John was born in Pennsylvania and then moved to Poland when he was a child, along with his parents and young brother, Michael, sometime between 1907 and 1910. He remained there in the town of Gwozdziec, not far from the Lasica homestead in Spie. His sister Mary lived 20 minutes away in Cholewiana Gora. Mike (his brother) and Rose Dul visited in 1974. Recalls Rose: “John’s house was very run-down: no floor in one room, animals coming in and out of the house. They had no electricity and used coal to heat the house when they could afford it. John worked the fields as a farmer and used a horse and wagon for transportation.” Over the years Mike and Rose sent parcels of clothes to help out.
John died the next year, in 1975.

John was married twice. He married Ewa Puzo and had a daughter, Maria Dul. (At age 29, Maria began corresponding with Jan Chawa, who moved from Germany to Australia in 1950. On Nov. 6, 1966, Maria Dul moved to Australia, married Jan two months later, and began a family there.) Ewa Puzo died in 1946 when Maria was only 8.

John married again. He and Aniela (Nellie, last name unknown) had two daughters, Teresa Dul Marut and Janina (Jane) Dul Marut. By happenstance, both daughters married husbands named Marut, though they’re not related. According to Krystyna Chawa, Aniela died in 2001 at the home of her daughter, Teresa Dul Marut, in Gwozdziec, although Rose Krzys Dul (mistakenly) said Aniela was buried years before in St. Michael’s Cemetery in South Hackensack, NJ.

John Dul was Joseph Lasica‘s second cousin.

ChildrenMaria Ewa (1936-)