Person Sheet

NameJanina Dul
BirthDate unknown, Poland
FatherJohn Dul (-1975)
Short bioAccording to their aunt Rose Dul, Janina Dul and her sister Teresa both married men with the first name of Marut. Here’s the address we have for them:
Janina Marut
Spie #33
Wilca Wola 36-121
Woj. Porkapackie

Janina previously lived in Gwozdziec, Poland, and her three daughters may still live there, according to what Maria Gil, a relative, told our translator, Kinga, by phone. Janina is Joseph Lasica‘s second cousin once removed. We don’t know Janina’s mother’s last name. Her husband, a local organist, died in 2001.

Here is a letter Joseph received from Janina in March 2014, after Joseph had visited Spie and Krakow the previous June (the original is in Polish and we had it translated):

Dear cousin,

Writing a couple of words, I have the honor to greet wholeheartedly you and your family. I thank you for the letter and for the good news, from which I’ve learned something about the family and my grandmother Wiktoria. I already knew some things but not as many details. And now I know where my grandma came from.

From my parents I only knew that her name was Wiktoria and her husband’s was Kacper, but I didn’t know the details. It has been said that there were cousins from Spie. But this changes from each generation. But thanks to you, dear cousin, I have better knowledge of the family. What is still interesting for me is what my great-grandfather’s name was and from where my grandmother came, from which family, and waht their names were. If it is possible, could you please let me know where my grandmother came from? I have always thought that my grandmother came from Spie and now I only moved from Gwodzdziec to Spie. You write that you have been to Spie. I live just next to the church in Spie. I moved from Gwozdziec to Spie to my husband. I have been living in Spie for 40 years. I had a husband, Eugeniusz Marut. We had three daughters, Danuta, Lucyna and Barbara, who are all married. And my husband died 13 yers ago. He had been working in church as an organist for 40 years.

When it comes to my sister Teresa, she lives in our family home, our patrimony. It is where my grandmother Wiktoria and my dad Jan lived. She has a husband, Henryk, and one son, Mariusz, and two granddaughters Katarzyna and Edyta.

When it comes to Maria Dul-Pirog and Stanislaw Pirog, they both already died and have 5 children from what I know, only two of whom of are alive today. Wladek live in Cholewiana Gora and Agnieszka in Kamien. Anielka, Jan and Stefan have most probably died. They lived in a nearby village.

I regretted that I wasn’t informed that you were in the church in Spie, while I live just next to the church. It raised my spirit that there is somebody who remembers about me.

Dear cousin, I would like to know if this aunt Rozalia Dul is still alive, because I hadn’t heard from her. She had two sons.

Looking at the photograph you sent, I see you are much like my dad Jan. I am wondering how numerous your family is.

With warm regards,
Janina Marut

1Eugeniusz Marut (19??-2001)