Person Sheet

NameAnna Lasica
FatherJozef Lasica (1888-1964)
MotherJadwiga Sarafin (1897-1971)
Short bioAnna was Joseph Lasica‘s first cousin once removed (so her children are Joseph’s second cousins). She was called Hanka, the short form for Anna. Anna lived in Kwidzyn, in northern Poland near Gdansk, along with the families of her brothers Walenty and Stefan. Anna and Stanislaw married in 1945, according to grandson Roman Bloch. Roman emails to say:

“Family Gochna were neighbors of Jan Lasica. Anna Gochna was ‘mother baptism’ [godmother] of Stanislaw Gut, who lived in Licze. After Anna Lasica and Stanislaw Gut were married, they lived in Licze from 1946 to 1978. After that, she lived in Brachlewo.”

ChildrenEdward (Eddie) (1956-)
 Stanislawa (1953-)
 Antoni (Anthony) (1952-2007)