Person Sheet

NameJan (John) Lasica
BirthAug. 10, 1912, Spie, Poland
DeathMay 14, 1962, Spie, Poland
BurialProbably at St. Michael the Archangel, Spie, Poland, though we didn’t spot his grave there
FatherJozef Lasica (1888-1964)
MotherJadwiga Sarafin (1897-1971)
Short bioJan (pronounced Yan) was Joseph Lasica‘s first cousin once removed (so his children are Joseph’s second cousins). He had nine children. He died of a chronic kidney problem at age 49 while living in Poland, while his wife was pregnant with their youngest child, Halina. Tory (Sophie) Lasica and my grandmother Katarzyna Delenta sent Jan parcels of clothing to his family for years. Jan and his family lived in Spie, Poland, all his life. He, his brother Adam and sister Stephania all married Sudols, but they’re apparently not related: Sofia Sudol (Jan’s wife), Janina Sudol (Adam’s wife) and Wojtek Sudol (Stephania’s husband). His grandson, Jacek, also married a Sudol (Elsbieta).
BirthAug. 10, 1923, Poland
DeathApril 19, 2009, Poland
ChildrenHalina (1962-)
 Teresa (1960-1962)
 Tadeusz (Ted) (1960-)
 Apolonia (1958-)
 Genowefa (Genia) (1956-)
 Jozef (1954-)
 Stanislawa (Stella) (1953-)
 Janina (1951-)
 Maria (Mary) (1948-)