Person Sheet

NameMargaret Marakovits
BirthApril 1912 in Punitz, Burgenland
DeathFeb. 6, 2012
Short bioMargaret was Joseph Lasica‘s first cousin twice removed; her daughter Marge is my second cousin once removed, and Marge’s children are my third cousins.

Marge Hanzl Ruppert wrote to us to say, “My mother’s family lived in Punitz and lived across the way from the Scheppers.”

Margaret Marakovits Hanzl and her husband John had one daughter, Margaret “Marge” Hanzl Ruppert. Margaret and John attended my parents Emil and Lil Lasica’s wedding in 1943. Margaret Hanzl was born in Punitz, Austria. Her granddaughter, Christine Ruppert Zimmermann, wrote with some additional background: “My grandmother’s occupation was seamstress. She worked for Forstmann Mills in Clifton. (The Forstmann family, incidentally, were also Austrian immigrants who liked to hire ‘their own.’)” In her later years she lived with her daughter Margaret and son-in-law Frank in Bangor, Penn. She passed away two months short of her 100th birthday.

Birth1903, San Michael, Austria (part of Burgenland)
DeathJune 1988
ChildrenMargaret “Marge” (1938-)