Person Sheet

NameLucas “Luke” Delenta
BirthOct. 6, 1893, Poland
DeathJan. 1978, Warren, Rhode Island
Short bioUncle Luke was one of our great uncles, and the only great uncle I (Joseph Lasica) met as a child. I remember visiting him and Aunt Mary as a child when we traveled to his house in Warren, Rhode Island, and caught starfish in the bay (they stunk up our attic for weeks afterward). He was extremely good-natured and always laughing. He had no children. The youngest of three children, he changed the spelling of the family name from Dalenta to Delenta to follow the practice of his older brother Joseph, the first to arrive in this country. Lukasz Dalenta (note the original spelling) was born in Kamien, Poland (then Galicia, part of the Austrian Empire). He apparently resided for a time in Kaiskan, Germany, before departing the port of Bremen and arriving at Ellis Island aboard The Main on Dec. 5, 1912 as a teenager. He was either 18 (according to the ship’s passenger list) or 19 (according to his presumed birthday). Luke was 5 feet tall and had brown hair, according to the ship’s manifest, available on the Ellis Island website. We have no photos of him as a young man.
BirthJan. 23, 1907
DeathNov. 1986, Warren, Rhode Island
(Luke’s first wife)