Person Sheet

NameJohann Friedrich Sporn
BirthJuly 15, 1835, Finsterwalde, Germany
Occupationmaster shoemaker
DeathSept. 21, 1901, Finsterwalde, Germany
ReligionEvangelical Lutheran
FatherJohann Friedrich Sporn (1805-1876)
MotherMaria Christiane Ambos (1806-1882)
Short bioWent by Friedrich Sporn. Married at age 39. Marriage record follows:
Marriage of Johann Friedrich Sporn and Johanne Wilhelmine Barthel
Finsterwalde, on 17th November 1874
Before the undersigned Registrar of vital records appeared today the engaged [couple] The master shoemaker Johann Friedrich Sporn, known [to be this] person, of Evangelical Lutheran religion, 39 years old, born in Finsterwalde, resident in Finsterwalde, son of laborer Johann Friedrich Sporn and Maria Cristiane Sporn nee Ambos
the unmarried Johanne Wilhelmine Barthel, known [to be this] person, of Evangelical Lutheran religion, 27 years old, born in Massen, resident in Finsterwalde, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Barthel and Eleonore Barthel nee Winter in Massen
at the moment in the role of witnesses
the journeyman tailor Johann Zirkel, known [to be this] person, 40 years old, resident of Finsterwalde
the journeyman shoemaker Matthies Koehler, known [to be this] person, 34 years old, resident of Finsterwalde
Printed text transcription up to point 4. After it follows the signatures of the married couple and the witnesses. Beneath, the signature of the Registrar of Vital Records.

Death record follows:

Abridged transcription of the death record of Friedrich Sporn
Finsterwalde, on 24th September 1901
The hospital orderly Paul Weiland, resident in Finsterwalde, announced that the shoemaker Friedrich Sporn, 60 years old, of Evangelical Lutheran religion, resident in Finsterwalde, born in Finsterwalde, married to the here-deceased Wilhelmine Barthel, son of the laborer Johann Friedrich Sporn and his wife Johanne Marie Christiane Ambos, both deceased here; died in Finsterwalde in the city hospital on 21st September 1901 at 4:45 pm.
Signatures of the informant and the Registrar of vital records.
Comments: born on 15 July 1835
Death due to debility of old age.
2 underage children
Wife deceased [record] #70, 1898

Johann was Joseph Lasica‘s mother’s father’s father, or great grandfather.

BirthNov. 14, 1847, Massen, Germany
DeathApril 6, 1898, Finsterwalde, Germany
MarriageNov. 16, 1874, Germany
ChildrenHermine Selma (1888-1982)
 Henry Albin (1884-1968)
 Alexander Friedrich (1882-1883)
 Felix Johannes (1879-1967)
 Friedrich Berthold (1877-1945)
 Amalie (Amelia) Hedwig (1875-?)