Person Sheet

NameJanina Ordon
BirthAug. 22, 1948, Rozpędziny, Poland
MotherFranciszka Lasica (1912-2007)
NoteAccording to Roman Bloch, Janina was the third of five children of Franciszka Lasica Ordon and her husband. Janina’s is married to Albin Śrubkowska, and we believe they live in Torun in northern Poland. We don’t know if they have any children. Her mother Franciszka lived in Korzeniewo, a town just west of Kwidzyn.

Janina is Joseph Lasica‘s second cousin. If she has any children, they are Joseph’s second cousins once removed.

Janina’s sister Eugenia wrote to us in 2014 and referred to her sister as “Janka.”