Person Sheet

NameJan (John) Dalenta
BirthGalicia (Poland)
Short bioJan Dalenta had at least one sibling, Andrzej (Andrew) Dalenta, who was Joseph Lasica’s great grandfather (on his father’s mother’s father’s side). Jan’s side of the family immigrated to the U.S. as well. Jan had at least one son, Josef Dalenta (born circa 1890), who had a daughter, Frances Dalenta, who was born in Kamien in 1915 and moved to the United States. Her son, Richard Pakula, lives in the Phoenix area and has exchanged e-mails with Joseph Lasica; he’s at [email protected]. He says most of the Dalentas he knows immigrated to the Hartford, Conn., area.

Richard writes: “As to the Dalentas still living in Hartford, there are two aunts, Alexandra (Alice) and Cecilia, widows of uncles Marcin (Martin) and Wladyslaw (Walter) Dalenta respectively, and uncle Andrzej. There are quite a few cousins there also. Another uncle, Piotr, lives in Florida. Uncle Boleslaw (Bill), lives in Huntington Beach. Uncle Karol died in France many years ago. My mother, who died in 1992, was the only girl in the family and she was the oldest. I was struck by your grandmother’s resemblance to my mother.”