Person Sheet

NameIrene Mueller
BirthJan. 1, 1935
DeathAug. 16, 2009
Short bioDaughter Jennifer Lasica Hudspeth sent this to us in 2009:

Obituary for Dolores Irene Lasica

Dolores Irene Lasica born 1-1-35 passed on 8-16-09 at the age of 74. Irene’s parent’s were Howard and Dorothy Anne Mueller. She had one brother, Warren Mueller. Irene grew up on Staten Island, New York, and had fond memories of taking the Staten Island ferry by herself to visit her Grandmother, who owned a tea shop where one could have your palm read, in the heart of New York City.

Irene had two marriages, first to Herman G. Siemer and then to John Martin Lasica. She had six children, Robert Scott Siemer of Scotts Valley, Ca., William Craig Siemer of Santa Cruz, Ca., Marcy Brewster of Boulder Co., Jennifer Hudspeth of Aptos Ca., Cindy Pokorski of Pukalani Hi., and Holly Engelmann of Pukalani, Hi.

Irene was passionate about psychology and the brain and was constantly searching for her own personal enlightenment. Irene was on journey of spiritual knowledge to be free of personal pain and suffering and to just live in the now with love. In her quest for knowledge she was first drawn to Krishnamurti and traveled around the U.S, Europe and India to hear him talk and be a part of group dialogues. She then formed her own Krishnamurti dialogue group while living in Connecticut.

Irene’s search for the truth was the driving force through the rest of her life and loved to share it with anyone willing or interested. This search for the truth included the legal realm as well. She was a staunch [opponent] of the overreaching powers of the government. She believed so strongly in the construction and rule of law that she fought the IRS for years over a relatively small amount of money until they came and took her house.

After moving to California about 12 years ago, she continued her search for the truth and enjoyed finding new teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Bruce Lipton, Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay, and Abraham Hicks, to name a few. Irene moved into Garfield Park Village in Santa Cruz, Calif., and seemed to really find peace living among new friends and sharing conversations over coffee. She lived and passed on her own terms. Irene will be missed immensely by her family and friends.

Birth11 Oct 1941
Death12 Apr 2001
FatherJohn Lasica (1919-2010)