Person Sheet

NameFranz Marakovits
BirthDate unknown, in Punitz, Burgenland (today, Austria)
DeathDate unknown
BurialCatholic cemetery, Punitz, Austria
NoteFranz Marakovits (not to be mistaken for his brother-in-law, Franz Marakovits) immigrated from Austria to the United States, married and divorced here, and had one son, Frank Mark (he changed his last name from Marakovits to Mark), whose location and immediate family are unknown. According to relatives, Franz returned to Punitz in his retirement years and lived with his widowed sister, Rosalia Marakovits Klucsarics, in their ancestral home. He is buried in a single grave in the Punitz Catholic cemetery.

A distant relative, Bob Geshel in Phoenix, Ariz., sent along a photo of a Franz Marakovits in the gallery below; however, we’re not entirely sure if it’s the same Franz Marakovits. Franz was Joseph Lasica‘s first cousin twice removed; his son Frank Mark is my second cousin once removed, and Franz’s grandchildren (if there are any) are my third cousins.

[name unknown]
ChildrenFrank Mark